Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tutoring the UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics

I was seeing it coming, but now I don't have much choice. I'm stepping down from my role as a tutor of the UBC Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics. When I started tutoring in 2007 I had more time on my hand and was freelance. I could count on UBC as a stable baseline revenue - but I never taught for the money - you know how passionate I am!

I truly enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge. Honestly, it's a bit of egoism too... I learn so much myself from the students!

A thousand students, almost fifty classes later, things have changed and I find myself solicited for other professional activities; I spoke social media analytics at George Masson University, will talk about Business Analytics at UTennessee and Big Data at the Council of IT Executives of the Conference Board of Canada and others. As you might know, I'm also teaching a graduate class on the topic of analytics at Laval University and I have also recently joined the advisory board of the web analytics program at McMaster University. And of course, there's always the online analytics maturity workshop I'm doing jointly with eMetrics.

All in all, that's a lot! It has been a great five years. The UBC program undergone some revisions and I heard enrolments are good. Pioneers and industry veterans like Jim Sterne and Jim Novo helped develop the academic offering where nothing existing. The UBC team did a great job and has always been very supportive and helpful - they paved the way to thousands of people who wanted to learn about web analytics. It's great to see there are now many more offerings for those who wants to learn about digital analytics. I am humbled to have been part of the UBC adventure for a little while!

My greatest reward comes from comments like those:
This class was one of the best online course experience that I have ever had. I have taken a lot of online courses. Stephane was just terrific. 
Excellent Tutor. Smart, insightful, very responsive! Thank you!! 
Stephane was my tutor during my first course with UBC-WA, knowing someone prior helps. And it did. I should repeat in this course too... He is a great guy. And an amazing teacher too. 
The tutor. Stephane Hamel was great! 
This way the best course so far of all 3 classes I have taken. Both in content and in tutor. 
This instructor was the best I've had so far. He didn't just do the minimum. He continually tried to have discussion topics available and continually encouraged students to join them.

...and many, many more like those...

Thank you!