Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Join me at eMetrics & GAUGE San Francisco

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It's that time again. Myself and fellow Cardinal Path friends will be closely involved with both eMetrics and GAUGE. Here's a few reasons why you should attend!

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

eMetrics San Francisco is without a doubt the most important event of the web analytics industry. For beginners, eMetrics is an initiation – a great opportunity to break the ice and talk to industry leaders, quickly get educated about the latest concepts and technologies, and simply become part of a closely knit community. For seasoned attendees, eMetrics is a family reunion; an opportunity to meet with friends, share thoughts and deep dive on topics initiated through social media.

Sunday, March 4 – “Road map to online analytics success” - full day workshop

You’ve heard about the Online Analytics Maturity Model, haven't you? Don’t miss this unique full day workshop where we’ll dig into your analytical strengths and weaknesses. Intentionally limited to a small group, along with pre & post workshop activities, you will come out of the workshop with clear, step-by-step actions that will help you become more effective at web analytics and increase the value you bring to the organization. Hurry up before it’s full!
Can't make it to San Francisco? I will be presenting the workshop at eMetrics Toronto, Chicago and Boston.

Monday, March 5, 11:15am – Measuring your organization’s web analytics maturity

I presented this session dozens of times at eMetrics and other events in North America and Europe. It always receives high marks: thought provoking, instructive, entertaining and one of few sessions where you can get back to the office with tangible and readily applicable action items.

GAUGE - Google Anlaytics Users' Great Event

GAUGE Google Analytics Users' Great Event, on the other end, is the absolute must for Google Analytics users. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from the best, ask questions and learn the latest news directly from the Google Analytics team.

Thursday, March 8, 10:15 – Troubleshooting tips

A lot of people know me for the work I’ve done around tagging quality assurance. Throughout the years I’ve become very intimate with tags, all kinds of tags, all sorts of techniques to ensure the decisions you make will be strengthened by top quality data. The rule of the game for this session: tips, tricks and open Q&A.

Thursday, March 8, 10:15 – Planning for Success

Maybe the technical intricacies of tags isn’t your bag… don’t miss Alex Langshur's process for developing strategies to deploy and leverage Google Analytics.

Thursday, March 8, 10:15 – Custom Variables Madness

In this session, Dave Eckman shares ideas, examples and techniques to leverage the power of custom variables to understand and segment visitors, visits and content.

Friday, March 9 - Fundamentals

Alex Langshur will lead the Fundamentals track. In Getting Started, Alex will share insights on where to start, how it works, and what to avoid. After lunch, Nick Iyengar will cover best practices for managing accounts, profiles and filters.

Friday, March 9 – Analyst training

Corey Koberg will kick off this track with a hot topic: social media analysis and in the afternoon, Dave Eckman and Nick Iyengar will cover multi-session & attribution analysis and search marketing optimization, respectively.

Meet me at eMetrics and GAUGE

Questions or hot topics you would like to discuss? Grab me or any of my @CardinalPath colleagues during breaks, lunch or the infamous lobby bar discussions. If you would like to have a more private chat, please reach out and we’ll fit our schedule to you.
See the complete list of upcoming events where I will be presenting, or contact me if you would like me to speak to your audience.