Thursday, October 6, 2011

We can always learn & improve: coaching from Joseph Carrabis

Joseph Carrabis, kite flying at eMetrics, 2007
I met Joseph Carrabis at my first speaking appearance at eMetrics San Diego in 2007. Joseph had organized an informal kite flying session - a great way to break the ice. Whoever met Joseph is immediately fascinated by his charisma; his ability to be attentive to one’s thoughts, emotions and non-verbal communication. Anthropologist, neuro-scientist, historian, researcher, teacher, author… or just a friendly fellow with whom it’s always interesting to chat.

Joseph made its mark in our little web analytics industry when he wrote a series of blog post on the unfulfilled promise of online analytics in 2009. The subject is still relevant to this day; see part 1 – the challenge, 2 – some solutions and 3 – the human cost and my own little contribution to the conversation here.

Time has passed; Joseph isn’t as visible as before in the traditional web analytics field – which doesn’t mean he’s not doing analytics, to the contrary! He’s just at another level. We occasionally bounce ideas and validate some assumptions related to the evolution of the market and the online analytics discipline.

As I continue to spend a lot of my energy looking into ways to make online analytics easier, and in my role at Cardinal Path, I do more speaking appearance and often meet with executives. I asked Joseph to look at a recording of one of my presentations. I spent a full day with Joseph and his lovely wife and colleague Susan. The experience was revealing – it allowed me to uncover little things that will help me improve my verbal and non-verbal communication skills and even become more aware of others. Subtle changes in the presentation content, gesture, tone and choice of words and even breathing all contributes to an overall improvement.

As with analytics, a continuous improvement approach and attention to details is the way to success. I’ve applied what I’ve learned at my recent speaking appearances in Stockholm and Vancouver and it did make a difference!

If you were there, tell me how I did, or come see me at the upcoming GAUGEeMetrics NY and other conferences!