Thursday, September 15, 2011

Phasing out gaAddons: it's not all bad!

The bad news: After much thinking, I have decided to stop developing and supporting gaAddons.
The good news: You can get a free, easy to customize source code sample to accomplish most of what gaAddons was doing! Check it out on jsFiddle!
The greatest: Cardinal Path provides professional audits of your web analytics implementation, complete implementation services from needs assessment to providing the exact tags required, and training.

Why are you stopping the development and support of gaAddons?
There are a number of reasons:
  • gaAddons goal was to make it easy to answer the most common implementation needs, such as tracking downloads and outbound links. Over time, it evolved to become a be-all and end-all for enhanced tagging of Google Analytics, leading to a more complex and heavy library.
  • Google Analytics v5 promises to address some of the items which were handled by gaAddons (for example, _trackLoadTime).
  • Continuing to work on gaAddons is a distraction from my role as Director of Strategic Services for Cardinal Path.
  • I have come to the conclusion that advanced implementations are better addressed when specifically tailored to the client needs.
  • I want to put more energy into the Online Analytics Maturity Model.
What does it mean for those who paid a license of gaAddons?
I will contact those who paid their license fee and share the original source code, as it stands today, so you can adapt it for your needs if you want to. No further support will be provided and you are not allowed to repackage or resell the code - basically, you are allowed to use it for your own needs (and your clients if you paid the agency license). I encourage everyone to look at the free sample code and start from it to make any enhancements for your specific needs.
What if I need help?
Cardinal Path offers professional audits of your web analytics implementation, can provide full implementation services, training and annual support contracts.
What if I pid a license fee?
All recurring subscriptions have been cancelled so you won't be charget again.