Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cardinal Path announce key addition: me!

The recent announcement of a merger between Webshare, PublicInsite and VKI Studios was received very positively – Cardinal Path is destined to become the leading authority in the online digital measurement  space. Over the past couple of years I had the pleasure to discuss and work with both VKI Studios and Public Insite - John Hossack and Alex Langshur - two organizations and two persons I have utmost respect for. I valued the opportunities to work with them while enjoying the “independent thought leader” status; but now is the time for me to reconsider my role.

As of April 20th, I'm officially taking on the job of Director, Strategic Services for Cardinal Path. My role will be to push the envelope - tackle complex issues and challenges while bringing the most optimal and realistic solutions to make online digital measurement easier and more beneficial to our clients.

Alex Langshur, Cardinal Path co-founder and senior partner said "Adding Stéphane to our team solidifies Cardinal Path’s market position as a leading pure play web analytics and digital marketing firm. We’re assembling a group of thought leaders with deep experience across a variety of marketing verticals and we’re excited about what they can accomplish together for our clients."

Everyone I talked to were thrilled by the news. I'm very excited to join a team of unprecedented expertise  and profesionalism with a unique presence across North America.

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