Monday, March 14, 2011

A major web analytics agency is born: Cardinal Path

Today at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, my good friends Alex Langshur, President and Founder of PublicInsite, John Hossack, President and CEO of VKI Studios, David Booth and Corey Koberg of WebShare announced they are joining forces to become one of the most significant players in the digital analytics world.

With offices in Ottawa, Vancouver, Boston, San Diego, Burlington, Phoenix, Mountain View and Chicago, Cardinal Path unites an impressive team of thought leaders across a range of disciplines, authors, speakers and top business consultants. Justin Cutroni of WebShare, a well known figure in our field comes to mind, but there are also Brian, Michael, Kent, Ken and Scott - about 35 of them!

I've known Alex & John for a long time and I have utmost respect for both of them. Their professionalism and the expertise they have built through their respective agencies is outstanding. Their success stems from hard work, obviously, but I've found in both of them that undefinable human touch, sense of ethic and respect. Interestingly, as an independent consultant, I was lucky to have both of them be what I called "angel advisors" - sounding boards for all my crazy ideas, but also sharing and collaborating on anything "analytics" related.

While there has been many mergers on the vendors side, this is the first big one on the services side and the strengths of the various partners are very complementary:
  • private, public, non-profit, education sectors; with several flagship clients Like NBC, Harvard University, Library of Congress, Electonic Arts, Virgin, etc.
  • deep ecommerce expertise with leading brands, and boatloads of knowledge for non-commerce, lead-gen and brand based sites;
  • "build for success" approach - the new firm has site design/capability that enables them to architect the success elements and ensure full end to end visibility.

I want to be among the first to wish them success in what will undoubtedly be a great adventure and bright future!