Friday, January 21, 2011

Joining the Tagman advisory board

Paul Cook, CEO and founder of TagMan, a Tag Management System (TMS) with real-time attribution announced that Mike Peralta, COO of search re-targeting business Magnetic and myself have joined the company's advisory board. The announcement comes a few days after Series A funding round.

To celebrate the fundraising, Tagman released a funny short video spoofing Star Wars (see it on YouTube).

I'm really excited to join the other members of TagMan's advisory board: John Marshall, founder of ClickTracks and Market Motive, providing training courses and certification in online marketing; Calvin Lui, former President & CEO of Tumri; and Tom Sipple, a Vice President at Interactive Corporation leading the monetization strategy, direct sales, aggregator partners, mobile and advertising operations groups for

About my role with Tagman, Paul said "St├ęphane is a leading voice in the enterprise analytics technology community" - I'm bringing my experience in resolving tagging challenges and will be sharing my views of the web analytics evolving market. Tagman pioneered the tag management system space and have developed a robust and effective approach. This is a logical step; with WASP, the Web Analytics Solution Profiler (now owned by iPerceptions), I pioneered the concept of “in-context quality assurance of tags”. I believe WASP contributed to increased awareness to the need of serious tag management solutions.

This role is directly aligned with my 2011 objective of strengthening my position as an independent thought leader. I'm already playing an advisory role to iPerceptions and the Napkyn agency in Ottawa. I'm also providing feedback and comments to a number of startups and other announcements are on the way.

Leveraging the Online Analytics Maturity Model approach, I'm also coaching several agencies who wants to further develop their web analytics practice. Of course, I still offer my services directly to clients; however, in 2010 I had to pass on great opportunities because I was overloaded. I was often solicited for consulting or simply for guidance to select an agency or vendor. Especially for agencies, the non-exclusive agreements guarantee prospective clients will be directed to the partner best suited to answer their needs - based on their maturity, geographic region and verticals. This is creating a healthy and dynamic ecosystem where everyone is winning.

Don't hesitate to contact me to know more about Tagman or the services I can offer - be it for maturity audit and guidance or advisory role to vendors and agencies.