Monday, January 24, 2011

gaAddons v2.1.2 released!

The gaAddons user base is growing and I'm happy to announce the general availability of gaAddons v2.1.2.


Bug fixes

  • _trackDownload & _trackOutbound are now "stackable" - meaning you can have them appear multiple times in a single push() call.
  • Fix CSS3 selector for _trackOutbound, _trackMailTo, _formAnalysis
  • _setXDomain now add parameters only when the click/mouseup event is fired instead of automatically changing all links (which caused issues when the page was reloaded)
  • _setXDomain now excludes email links automatically
  • Removed support for "area" elements in _trackOutbound and _trackMailTo

Ideas for the next release

Now that the code base is pretty strong & stable, I will be able to shift gear and work on other cool features such as:
  • Internal campaign tracking
  • Social media tracking (like the Facebook like, ShareThis, AddThis and such)
  • YouTube video tracking
  • eCommerce micro-format support
Please let me know which ones you would like to see first - or any other ideas!

Using gaAddons? I want to hear from you!

The user base is growing steadly with the addition over 125 new site owners testing or already using gaAddons in just a month. I'm receiving lots of positive feedback and I'm grateful to the early adopters who continues to help with the beta releases cycles.

I'm tracking the number of downloads and obviously keeping an eye on sales, but one of the thing I'm not doing very efficiently right now is keeping a tab of which sites are really using gaAddons. This will change in the coming weeks with the addition of a Google authentication requirement and some cool benefits for subscribers.

In the meantime, if you have stories to share about how gaAddons helped you I would love to hear them!