Wednesday, December 1, 2010

gaAddons v2.1.1: open beta!

Thanks to those volunteering for the early beta of v2.1.1, I'm now confident to open gaAddons v2.1.1 for wider testing.

The main focus of this release is _setXDomain: a way to make this darn cross-domain tracking easier to implement and make it work! :)
  • Easy cross-domain tracking
  • Handles all common scenarios
  • Takes care of outbound links automatically

Bug fixes

Enhancements and other changes

  • New _setXDomain call
  • Tested for compatibility with Mootools
  • Added wmv, mp4 and flv to the default list of tracked file types in _trackDownload
  • Enhanced options:debug to provide more complete info when using Firebug
  • _trackOutbound and _trackDownload now support a "format" option which gives greater flexibility to track with the taxonomy you want
  • _setHourOfDay is deprecated since this is automatically handled by GA
Note: When participating in the beta, always make sure to take the latest build from the site.

Coming up!

  • YouTube video tracking!
  • eCommerce micro-format support!