Monday, November 22, 2010

A short Q&A on gaAddons

My latest initiative: gaAddons is being received with great interest by practitioners, freelancers and consultants. In case you don't know, gaAddons is a collection of useful enhancements for Google Analytics. Here's a little questions & answers session about it.

Q) What does gaAddons do?
A) Right now, it can easily and nicely handle outbound links, downloads and mailto tracking, real bounce rate, form analysis, set day of week, page load time and more

Q) What’s unique about gaAddons?
A) It is the only solution that seamlessly integrates with the regular GA async calls! If you can put the GA tags on a site, you can use gaAddons – it’s that simple and no other technical knowledge is required. It’s very easy to use individual call options to customize them to your liking.

Q) Ok, but GAAC and even Google provides the info to handle outbound links tracking (and other tricks). Why is yours better?
A) The GA documentation provides very basic “how to” and most blog posts or even scripts provided by GAACs miss very important elements. See "Outbound links tracking with Google Analytics" for an example of the numerous things considered in the implementation of the _trackOutbound call. Extensive experience and collaboration with a number of practitioners, agencies and consultants are put in common in order to define and carefully asses the best ways of handling each gaAddons call.

Q) What’s coming up for gaAddons?
A) easy/automated cross-domain, microformats support (especially for ecommerce), Youtube video tracking, internal campaigns and more!

Q) How can I use it? How is it licensed?
A) It’s free for personal use and very cheap for freelancers, consultants and agencies. See licensing info.

Q) Yeah… but you are not a GAAC!
A) That’s right, but this isn't the first time I create ground breaking solutions to make web analytics easier. I’m known in the market as the creator of WASP - the first ever tool specifically created to audit web analytics tags - and I have two decades of experience in development and web analytics. Google won’t allow an individual person to become a GAAC… being totally independent is actually interesting for agencies and consultants: they can leverage my work without fear of competitive issues. Also, consultants and practitioners do not have to spend long hours developing their own solutions and can leverage a professionally developed and thoroughly tested solution.

Take a look at gaAddons, you'll like it! Your feedback and inquiries are always welcome.