Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#measure flash mob!

I just conducted a pretty cool experiment I think nobody ever did before.

A #measure flash mob!

What is a #measure flash mob?

In the spirit of real life flash mobs, a #measure flash mob is
“a group of Twitter #measure people who assemble suddenly in a virtual place, crowd source their knowledge for a brief time to tackle a problem, then disperse.”
  • A simple problem statement or question
  • A rallying call on the #measure Twitter channel
  • One hour to tackle the question, after the delay the editing access are removed (but the raw document remains available for viewing)
  • @immeria will review & format the results which will be freely available as a blog post

What are the rules?

  • Every change is tracked with your Google id... so people won’t mess around deleting stuff and changes are monitored live.
  • Content should never be deleted, it is highlighted and the Insert/Comment feature is used
  • We don't worry about formatting...
  • Participants add their twitter name to the participants list

What were the results?

  • The first question was "Custom built or vendor? Is it better to use a vendor solution (either tags or logs) or develop your own custom-built solution?"
  • It was really cool to see the document coming alive as other people simultaneously edited
  • We used the chat sidebar to discuss at the same time
  • We could see people coming and going but sadly, we see them as "Anonymous #", although every change is tracked with the actual Google username
  • 34 #measure tweeps came to see the document
  • 8 actively edited something

Can we see the result?

For sure! The raw document is available in Google Docs and an edited version will be available shortly. Also, a #measure flash mob folder has been created to hold all project files.

I like the idea, when is the next one?

That's the trick! It's a surprise! I'll try to come with interesting topics and do it again. Why not send in your question and vote on submitted ones!

A big thank you to @gprzyklenk @aaronfossum @samuelhalle @keithmacd @vabeachkevin @rmanzanet @judah for their active participation in this first experiment!