Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GA + 4Q: Free clickstream and voice of customer integration from iPerceptions

At last, I can reveal what iPerceptions has been working on recently (note: since I sold WASP to iPerceptions, I'm on their product advisory council). Today at eMetrics, CEO Claude Guay announced enhanced features for the popular free 4Q Survey Voice of Customer.

What is 4Q you might ask? When it came out two years ago Avinash qualified it as the "greatest survey in the world".

With this integration, you will be able to combine web analytics clickstream data with 4Q voice of customer data points including:
  • Purpose of Visit: why visitors came to a site,
  • Task Completion: whether they were able to complete their tasks and
  • Overall Satisfaction.
Once data integration is activated, you can go straight into your Google Analytics profile and easily slice and dice the data, create custom filters and reports to measure the site’s performance against online business objectives:
  • Track satisfaction rates for specific segments
  • Measure conversion rates against task completion rates to gain a better view of the conversion cycle.
  • Compare satisfaction rates by time on site, pages visited, sections visited and geographic region.
  • Examine time on site by task completion to distinguish between visitors struggling to find information and those positively engaged on the site.
iPerceptions is also enabling greater flexibility in 4Q by introducing full customization of purpose of visit choices. Users can now choose from existing choices or immediately add their own selections and translations.

My take

Of course I'm a bit biased, but I think this is amazingly good for our industry. At last, we can very easily merge voice of customer and web analytics data. We can see the What and the Why. In my Roadmap to online analytics workshop I always stress there are three fundamental things you need to check:

  • clickstream
  • voice of customer
  • performance monitoring
And it seems Google is pretty much in agreement on this since Brett Error just mentioned the benefits of iPerceptions data integration into Google Analytics as well as the focus on aync tags and the role of performance in Google Search results ranking.

Additional info: Google Analytics users get a new way to analyze voice of customer data by Internet Retailer.