Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Training: Roadmap to your online analytics success, Ottawa, January 20th

After spending months studying the managerial aspect of web analytics and delivering the Web Analytics Maturity Model, I'm ready to share insight, expertise, best practices and tips to achieve success with your online analytics program.

Course description

This workshop isn't about using web analytics tools or optimizing your marketing campaign. This course is looking at online analytics from a managerial perspective.

So much has been written about why web analytics is valuable and how to make it work technically. The major stumbling block for most organizations is change management and developing the online analytics culture. Once convinced that they need to look at business from a different perspective, companies need a roadmap. The end game is so far off and the next steps are unclear.

Target audience

The course is specifically designed for analysts who are change agent in their organization or web and marketing managers who wants to leverage online analytics.


This workshop will go through an assessment of your online analytics goals and objectives from a business, marketing and web executives point of view. You will learn about the critical success factors and the process that will enable you to plan for future advancement:
  • A method for strategically benchmarking your current situation
  • Identify the pillars of successful data-driven organizations
  • How to determine the resources and investment required to advance to the next level
  • Tips to define realistic online objectives tied to business goals, and how to measure success
  • How to communicate effectively, bring changes and overcome political roadblocks
  • Several real life examples of commonly faced organizational challenges and how to overcome them

Course material

Presentation hands out with annotations and exercises.

About the instructor

Stéphane Hamel is a leading voice for online analytics, helping businesses understand the value of performance measurement and process optimization. With over twenty years of experience, most spent developing web sites and online strategies, he is now teaching a full-semester, graduate level class about online analytics at Laval University (Québec City), as taught over 500 people through lecturing the « Award of Achievement in Web Analytics » and « Introduction to Business Analysis » classes at the University of British Columbia. He is a member of the « International Institute of Business Analysis » and on the board of directors and treasurer of the « Web Analytics Association ». Stéphane received the « Web Analytics Association Leadership and Technical Excellence Recognition » and is a frequent speaker at the « eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit » and other conferences. Stéphane owns a Master in Business Administration specializing in eBusiness.

Helping partner

This event is made possible with the collaboration of:
PublicInsite is a privately held, Ottawa-based consulting firm with offices in Ottawa and Boston, offering Web site performance measurement and other e-services to the public and non-profit sectors.

Event details

January 20th, 8:00am-12:00pm
There will be a Web Analytics Wednesday on that evening.
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Frontenac room
101 Lyon Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5T9
$295 (WAA members can benefit from a $50 discount)
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