Friday, October 30, 2009

Review: AT Internet NX

Last week at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Washington D.C. there was a big buzz around the new Google Analytics features. But really, Google might win a prize for biggest industry shakedown (close to Adobe purchase of Omniture), but AT Internet would be a good contender for innovation in the field of web analytics. The France headquartered company has been pushing the web analytics envelope for a long time. Very strong in Europe, AT Internet was an early adopter of the freemium model with the Xiti solution launched in 1996!

Here comes NX!

The latest release, dubbed AT Internet Digital WorkspaceNX, has nothing to envy to the leading players in the industry. Here's a summary of the new features:

  • Multiple dashboards
  • Flexible dashboard layouts
  • Cool dashboard widget: monthly objectives

Advanced visualization:
  • Multi-metric and multi-time period diagrams
  • Multi-metric lines & bars graphs
  • Heatmaps (not merely click maps)
  • Radars graphs
  • Slice & dice from any element using a contextual menu available for each item in a table
  • Build custom filters using multiple metrics and operators
  • Merge several elements into one group
  • Easily compare metrics in pop up
  • Create segments using a drag & drop interface, and a variety of operators
  • Create new segments derived from existing ones
Specific features:
  •  Live alerts
  • ClickZone & Scrollview (not new but still unrivaled)
  • Custom data collection


AT Internet is, in my opinion, one of the most underestimated, yet most sophisticated web analytics platform out there. Their product offers a 360 degree view of online analytics:
  • Clickstream data, both tags (and log-based coming in the near future)
  • Server monitoring: if your site is poorly performing or simply down... guess what: your conversion will suffer! Yet, few vendors offer integrated server monitoring
  • Social media monitoring: now unavoidable
  • Both way API to integrate with custom data
  • Technological partnerships to extend the platform
Beyond all those nice features, AT Internet approach is very different from other vendors. Their services can go as far as handling your analytics by providing dedicated analysts. This is one way of going beyond the tool and empowering their clients despite limited budgets and resources availability.

Launch event

AT Internet is doing a Montréal launch event for the NX version, along with the book launch of Nicolas Malo and Jacques Warren.

When: Wednesday, November 4th, starting at 5:00pm
Location: Hotel InterContinental
>>> RSVP to Alexandre Metier: alexandre(dot)metier(at) <<<
(places are limited)

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge AT Internet great corporate citizenship: they are a corporate member of the Web Analytics Association and they frequently sponsor or present at local networking activities. Would be great if more vendors and agencies would get involved locally, as they do wherever they have offices.

Full disclosure: AT Internet kindly offered a free account to test Digital WorkspaceNX, has sponsored Web Analytics Wednesdays in Montreal and offered occasional dinner, no money or other types of retributions were involved in exchange for this post.