Sunday, August 9, 2009

Speaking about Web Analytics Maturity at Internet Marketing Conference

The Internet Marketing Conference

I've been invited to speak at the Internet Marketing Conference in Vancouver, September 16-18.

I spoke several times at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and local events in Montreal, but IMC will be my first time speaking at a conference not specifically targeted to a web analytics crowd. Other speakers includes my friends Avinash Kaushik and John Hossack, chair of IMC and a host of other speakers from Canada and abroad.

Presenting the Web Analytics Maturity Model

The theme for IMC Vancouver 2009 is "Quality Traffic". Traffic not only needs to be "relevant" to your business, it also needs to be proven successful. This fits very well with the topic I will be presenting: the Web Analytics Maturity Model (WAMM). As I did at eMetrics Toronto and San Jose in the spring, this highly interactive session will guide you through a SWOT analysis of your web analytics maturity. Review the six Critical Success Factors of successful web analytics programs and see where you stand, what you should do next. Don't let people simply tell you "web analytics is hard" and make you feel, at the end of the session, you will be armed with clear arguments and indications on what to do next in order to bring you, and your organization, to the next level.

This presentation received a score of 94% at eMetrics San Jose, 4th best speaker of the conference! I have pursued my research I will present an even better version of the WAMM.

Panel: Measuring Online Marketing in a Real-Time World

I will also participate in a panel with Kevin Hillstrom, Manoj Jasra, Braden Hoeppner, Amanda Rose and Eric Hansen, moderated by Ean Jackson, where we will jump in to answer the crowd questions and share our views and opinions about online marketing measurement.

Other opportunities to hear about the WAMM