Friday, July 24, 2009

Playing with Google Analytics Pivot Tables

Google Analytics is introducing Pivot Tables. Since not everyone is a lucky winner, here's a snapshot of Referring Domains broken down by Source of Traffic & Visitor Type, showing Visits and Bounce Rate for today's traffic on

Look for the Pivot Table button in most detailed reports:

If you combine the recently introduced slicing (advanced segmentation) with this dicing, we're in business!

What's next? My personal wishes:
  1. Visit and page level custom attributes: we need more than the current single visitor attribute. People have found creative ways to stuff more than a single value in the setVar(). What makes a web analytics platform powerful is the ability to extend it's data.
  2. Import API: once the above is solved, why not provide an import API? You will then see a number of "addons" to extend GA capabilities
  3. Addons: speaking of addons... why not provide a repository of approved and under development addons? A bit like the Mozilla Firefox addons concept. From the GA setup interface you could pick & chose various addons to be included in your tags. For example, I'm providing some code to automatically track outbound links and downloads. This would make for a nice addition to make tagging and data collection easier.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kampyle + Google Analytics, VOC + WA, qualitative + quantitative

I've been a long time user of Kampyle, a solution to collect, analyze and manage your website visitors' feedback. I've talked about it several times in the past. So you might ask, what do I have to say this time?

A few weeks ago Kampyle announced the integration of Google Analytics data and my friend Eran Savir, co-founder and VP of development, kindly offered the update. I waited some time to see what kind of insight I could gain from the combined results.

I'm running Kampyle on the WASP site, which doesn't receive a huge level of traffic but sufficient enough to make Kampyle or worthwhile addition.
Now I can see the number of feedback by visitors, which is a nice way to see how engaged are my users. But I can also see Feedback by User Loyalty as well as Feedback by Top Landing or Top Exit Pages.

According to my WASP market data, the number of sites using Kampyle keeps increasing and there are other interesting features on the way: Feedback by adWords campaigns as well as behavioral targetting. Most times innovation doesn't come from ground breaking ideas, but from interesting combination of existing technologies. That's what Kampyle is doing, and doing very well!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WAA Championship - have you got what it takes?

Again this year, the Web Analytics Association is putting up the Championship challenge for its members: put your web analyst skills at work and analyze the WAA website!

This is a unique opportunity! I often get contacted by students of the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics and others who want to start in the web analytics field. One of the challenge is to get your hands on the tools and play with a site that has sufficient level of data to make it interesting. So now is your chance!

Three simple steps:
  1. Have a peak at Google Analytics, WebTrends and Yahoo! Analytics as implemented on the WAA website
  2. Do your analysis and provide insight & recommendations
  3. Win prizes! But beyond all, you get to learn & experiment a real web analytics environment on a real website and get involved in the association. And be assured we will take your insight and recommendations with interest as we are looking at some revamps & enhancements for the WAA website.
FYI, I'm one of the judges, along with my friends "Wandering" Dave Rhee and Judah Phillips, under the supervision and great help from Daniel Waisberg. Which brings a nice international participation, unless I'm mistaken, Judah is in Boston, Dave is in Germany, Daniel is in Telaviv and I'm in Québec City!