Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Web Analytics Maturity Model

I have continued my work on a Web Analytics Maturity Model focused on the business and change management aspects rather than being around the technological usage level of web analytics tools, which is quite different from Gartner's model or the recently proposed WebTrend DM3 approach.

My work is heavily inspired from Thomas Davenport Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, a must read for all web analyst and their boss. It also leverage business analysis concepts, a topic I've been tutoring at UBC for some time and as a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis. Last week, at the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit, I presented the actual state of this project. You can find the presentation below or on Slideshare.
This model is the result of over 20 years of experience working for very diversified companies, including the last 15 playing different roles in several web projects, and several years in web analytics. The model as also been "tested & calibrated" with various companies in Canada and abroad.

Speaking & Consulting

I'm open for speaking opportunities at marketing, business analysis or web analytics conferences. I can do an independant, unbiased, complete evaluation of your web anlaytics maturity and provide clear recommendations on what needs to be done in order to strenghten your current web analytics practices and help you move to the next level.
"We used St├ęphane's Web Analytics Maturity Model as support for developing a (Web) Analytics roadmap and strategy. It is a long road to implement culture change in a large organization - especially when you are on IT side. It already triggered interest; that is a good start!"
Michael Notte
Senior Analyst - Web Team
Sales & Marketing Business Applications
Toyota Motor Europe

Please Note

The presentation is not available for download and I would kindly invite you to contact me before re-purposing or using it. The Web Analytics Maturity Model is an important element of my consulting practice and a couple of slides can't give justice to all the hard work, experience and thinking behind it.