Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Web analytics brain available! (for a fee)

Over the past couple of years I have been very involved in the web analytics community, tutoring the UBC Award of Achievement in Web Analytics, providing feedback on the Yahoo! Web Analytics forum, writing on my blog, answering a huge amount of emails, even providing free tools to make your web analytics life easier.

Brain juice

I've often said it: consulting is selling brain juice, and the amount of juice you can extract is scarce and valuable.

As much as I like to help out and collaborate whenever possible, my workload is constantly at a high level and my expertise is often being requested to give feedback on products or the market in general. Speaking at eMetrics and other conferences, my nomination to the WAA Board of Directors and the Web Analytics Association Leadership & Technical Excellence Recognition (WAALTER) award I recently received have significantly increased the number of requests I get. Being an independent, free spirited though leader, it just makes sense to realize what I’m selling is my knowledge, experience and expertise. I just can’t afford to spend a lot of time providing free advices and feedback...

Offer for agencies & vendors

Long story short, I have something to do in order to prioritize my work and maintain a level of professionalism and ethics with the people I'm working with:
  • Retainer: We will define the scope and objectives of our collaboration and I will provide monthly feedback about your product, the market, social media & news, etc. A six month agreement and a fixed monthly fee will also garantee I won't play the same role with any of your competitors.
  • Ad hoc: I will gladly work with you, provide feedback and information about your product or the market on an hourly basis. In this model, I can still work with any other partner, including competing ones.
  • Package: With a minimal monthly agreement the hourly rates can be reduced.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this offer privately.