Thursday, April 16, 2009

WASP v1.22 released

WASP v1.22 is awaiting approval on but is already available from

I'm continuing my monthly release cycle. A smaller release this time, but there are a couple of more important things coming up for WASP v1.30, coming up in May.

What's new

This release includes minor enhancements and bug fixes:
  • Bug fix: invalid detection when complex rules were involved. This caused some tools, like Omniture SiteCatalyst HBX, from being detected under specific conditions.
  • WASP Pro: the crawler now handles wildcard rules in robots.txt and catch errors for invalid rules (this was preventing the crawl from working correctly in some rare cases)
  • WASP for Market Research: tools will now be logged only once even if multiple occurrence on same page and beacons won't be logged anymore
  • New tools: NetMonitor, Silverpop Engage, Marketo
As always, your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome! Please take 2 minutes to submit a review at

See you at eMetrics San Jose

I will be speaking at eMetrics San Jose, May 4-7. I will be on a panel about "The Softer Side of Metrics - Is it Hot in Here or is it Just Me?" with Peterson and Jonathan Levitt. Jonathan will talk about 4Q and I will cover WASP.

I will also present the concept of "Web Analytics Maturity Model" I have developed.

Get WASP v1.22 update now!

(P.S. Results are in, I have been elected to the WAA Board of Director!")