Monday, March 23, 2009

Percute: Quebec city startup looking for talent

I've known Stéphane Guérin since our days in the same MBA class. He is a very bright guy who developed a pretty amazing web analytics platform. Yes, even facing Google Analytics and the big players, there are still very innovative startups who can offer unique compeling values. Percute also offers web analytics consulting. You should definitely check it out at (in French). Pretty cool name also!

The job

In their own term, they are looking for:
  • A scientific mind with strong communication skills OR
  • A communicator with strong scientific abilities


Become a community advocate for web analytics, write case studies, blog posts, become a voice of the industry, promote web analytics, best practices and the services offered by Percute Technologies.

Web analytics

The scientific side of things. Work with clients as an ebusiness consultant. Understand their needs, offer strong innovative and problem resolution skills.Knowledge of web analytics isn't as important as the willingness to learn and grow in the field of web analytics.

Percute is looking for a dynamic person willing to work for a small company located in the very nice city of Québec. Contact Percute for more info.