Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WASP v1.10: Enhanced for SiteCatalyst

WASP v1.10 is awaiting approval on but is already available from

The focus of this release was on two things:
  • Do a round of bug fixes on crawler related issues
  • The Omniture Summit is the perfect occasion to bring some pretty cool SiteCatalyt tagging diagnostic features.

Advanced SiteCatalyst tags auditing with WASP

Noticeable WASP features for easier Omniture SiteCatalyst and Test&Target tags audits:
  • Detailed "human friendly" breakdown of tags in the sidebar.
  • Quick help for each tag value
  • Datatype validation of tags to make sure the data isn't corrupted
  • Data length validation of tags to make sure their values are not truncated
  • Hihglighted Test&Target mboxes
In the example snapshot (click for larger view), taken off the website, we can easily spot that s_account length might be too long. In this case, the documentation states s_account should be no more than 40 characters. However, this is a soft limit. In the case of pageName, for example, the 100 limit is a hard one and if the pageName is longer it will get truncated (a frequent issue!).

Other enhancements

  • Fixed crawler not starting or hanging
  • Tab focus will now automatically be on the latest web analytics tool WASP can find
  • WebTrends Live & SDC sidebar tags breakdown
  • Round of minor bug fixes
  • Tweaking to some tools detection
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