Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WASP v1.09 important upgrade for Mac users

WASP v1.09 was approved on addons.mozilla.org last night, you will receive an automated update notice.

Important update for Mac users!

This release fixes a major issue when installing on Mac OS (but doesn't affect Windows users)
Very weird errors, permissions issues, non-working applications after installing WASP v1.08 addon on Mac OS.
WASP copies the WASP Tag File from the default addons directory to the default Temporary folder. Instead of changing permissions on the file to make it writable, WASP changed the permissions on the destination directory!
If you are running on Mac and are experiencing weird problems, double check the permissions on your temporary folder and make sure the permissions are set to be writable by owner:
Example: d-w--wx-wx   4 you  staff      136  2 Feb 20:55 TemporaryItems
Set to:      drwx-----   4 you  staff      136  2 Feb 20:55 TemporaryItems
The TemporaryItems folder is located under user -> Library -> Caches
I'm terribly sorry about this issue, which is an obvious oversight in quality assurance. Of course, future releases will also be tested specifically on Mac OS.