Thursday, February 19, 2009

Live from Omniture Summit: G.Colony keynote, Forrester CEO

Live from Omniture Summit floor, the keynote of G.Colony, CEO of Forrester, just concluded. If you use Twitter, you can follow me at @immeria for live updates.

Height things to say over coffee to a CEO

  1. "Your website sucks"
    If you are not using persona, scenarios and analytics you are in trouble
  2. "Web is the start of a long voyage"
    From historical file server based infrastructure to the executable internet. The power shifting to client devices and the network
  3. "Bits want to be free... bits want to break the law"
    Control is becoming impossible, find out business model around it.
  4. "Technology is changing your customer... ...your customer will change your company"

    Hours per weekGen Y
    Gen X
    Using mobile:8.95.8
    Playing video games:4.32.0
    Reading magazines (not online)1.72.0
    Reading newspaper (not online)1.21.7
    Using instant messaging56%33%
    Using social network42%17%
    Watching peer to peer videos28%19%
    From this table, it looks like I'm a Gen Y in a Gen X body...
  5. "Move innovation out of the box and into the network"
    Traditional process: finance -> invent -> build -> package (all done in black box - owned, copyrighted, guarded) -> new widget eventually available
    New process: inventors + financiers + brokers + transformers = innovation network
  6. "Great marketing + great technology is the only way forward"
    - Esquire magazine cover ad change (embedded small battery)
    - 3D hologram in company reception hall
    - Ad scan bar ads to use with cell phone photo
  7. "You don’t own your customer... your customer owns you"
    No brand loyalty anymore
  8. "When it comes to technology do me (and your company) a favor... ...stop being clueless."
    Loved this quote: "Like sex, you can’t understand it until you do it"

My take

Great keynote. Most of those points are pretty obvious, everything was in the way they were delivered!