Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WASP v1.08 released

WASP v1.08 is now available through the official Mozilla extensions site at

This version fixes an annoying bug that was introduced in v1.07... In order to get approval on the Mozilla site I had to tighten the security around the core detection module. In doing so I broke the detection for some tools...

As always, you can get the latest version from or in Firefox, simply do Tools/Addons and click on the "Find Updates" button.

Interesting posts about WASP on immeria

The very first post about WASP was on September 12th 2006: Web Analytics Solution Profiler - WASP!

Tag auditing, using WASP for Analyst and WASP Pro sidebar and crawler:
Market research:
Other articles where WASP was mentionned:

Rants and praises

I'm receiving tons of feedback about WASP. Some of it comes through email, bloggers and well known analysts reference it, vendors includes WASP in their training and use it as a support and implementation tool. Here are a couple of interesting posts that are related or talking about WASP:

I also want to reiterrate my invitation to use User Voice to suggest and vote for new features!