Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do you hear a buzz? WASP v1.0 launched!

After about 18 months of nursing, the WASP is finally coming out of its nest and making its way out!

You still don't know what is WASP? It's the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a specialized Firefox extension aimed at web analytics professionals who want to do quality assurance and understand how their web analytics solution is implemented.

There are three types of WASPs:
  • Free: Part-time analyst, and occasional testing.
  • Analyst: Full time analyst and marketing consultants.
  • Pro: Implementation specialists and consultants.
Check out
You can now purchase your own license!

Main features

WASP is the only solution of its kind! Think of it as a friendly debugger for web analytics (and more)!
  • The sidebar view provides in context information as you browse
  • The powerful crawler and built-in data explorer make it easy to do quality assurance of your tags
  • Frequent updates and enhancements
  • Work with over 120 web analytics, ad networks, voice of customer, multivariate testing and behavioral targeting solutions
  • Enhanced for Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • Praised by web analysts around the world and cited as "Web Analytics Top 5 for 2008"

Get involved!

Do you have an idea for WASP? Check out the WASP User Voice and cast your vote for the features you would like to see in WASP, or propose new ones!


Developing such a tool is a long and tedious task. The web analytics community (that's you!) helped me out by providing invaluable feedback and suggestions. In return, WASP was free.

A free version will always be available, but now is the time for WASP to fly on its own and bring enough revenues to justify the countless hours spent nurturing it. But what's even more important, continue to improve WASP in the future.