Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cool features on the new WASP site

I revamped the WebAnalyticsSolutionProfiler.com website when I launched WASP v1.0 last week. I'm now leveraging a couple of pretty cool services. The number of innovative services is staggering, but here's a couple I find most interesting.


Kampyle feedback analytics: I've been using it for a while and like it very much. I talked about it many times already. For the site revamp, I have modified the feedback categories and sub-categories to better fit my needs. Each page includes the Give Feedback button so visitors can easily get in touch with me, either anonymously or providing their email. It's a great way to engage the conversation privately!

Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is the "people powered customer support". A mix of discussion forum and trouble ticket system. Again, a great way to be "open" about feedback and issues. I'm also using it as a knowledge base, so whenever I get asked a question through other channels and find it valuable, I simply enter it in Get Satisfaction so it becomes available for my WASP users to see.

User Voice

User Voice might be the "voice of customer" at its best! WASP aficionados can ask for new features and enhancement and vote for the ones they find the most interesting. Right now, anonymous voting is enabled, but I could turn it off if I find there is some abuse...