Saturday, November 1, 2008

WASP Market Research: behind the scene of the Top 500 Retail Sites study

In my previous post, I shared my PowerPoint presentation from the recent eMetrics Industry Insight in Washington. This time, I want to highlight how the WASP Market Research feature was used to conduct this study.

You can download the input file here.
You can get the raw CSV results here.


WASP expects a list of URLs as input, the WASP Market Research feature automatically takes care of resolving the company names to their corresponding URLs. Once the analysis is complete, you can use the built-in data browser or export to CSV. In this case, using Excel sorting, filtering, Pivot tables, it's easy to spot:
  • The type of tools found on those sites
  • Which vendors are the most popular
  • Which tools are the most popular
  • What is the level of "double tagging" between various tools
  • "Affinities" between various products such as Voice of Customer, Behavioral Targetting, Multivariate Testing, etc.
  • Possible relation between the type of tool and the financial results (this data would have to come from a different source)
  • etc.

Additional information

WASP Market Research is a service included in the Professional licence of WASP, currently available to vendors, agencies and market analysts. I'm also offering confidential/custom market research data as part of my consulting practice. Contact me or visit for more information.