Wednesday, October 22, 2008

eMetrics: the wind is changing

I got in Washington D.C. for the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit conference on Sunday, in time to join a happy bunch of kite fliers wannabees and an expert in the field, my friend Joseph Carrabis. It was lots of fun and a good opportunity to chat, switching topics as the wind changed, got us all excited when it picked or crashed our kites when abruptly stopping.

We can draw some similarities between kite flying and the way people address web analytics. Getting overly excited, sometimes losing control or losing faith we can make it fly when faced with challenges and turbulence. But that’s not how it should be, as with kite flying, web analytics as some basic principles, you can start small and gradually master the science and techniques to become an expert. And as with kite flying, we learn a lot from more experienced people. But regardless of what we do, even when the wind is blowing steadily, we need to be ready to react and pull the right line to keep control. And it's also true that in the absence of any resources, in the absence of any wind, it's virtually impossible to make a kite fly!

(more pictures from Emetrics Washington DC 08 KiteFlying)

More news from eMetrics to come...