Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VOC: Balance your desire to know and visitor anoyment level!

I've been an early adopter of Kampyle, the cool VOC service from an Israeli based startup. I'm using Kampyle on the main WASP site at and it really brings valuable feedback. Last night, while going through my round of feedback received during the day, I noticed an anonymous comment saying
"Sorry Stephane - I hate pop up surveys!
See: When Voice of Customer Surveys can damange your brand
Best regards, Brian"
I always try to strike a balance between my desire to know more about visitors, especially with a startup and beta product like WASP, vs. my own experience of being annoyed by pop-up/overlays ads and VOC requests...

But Brian was kind enough to leave a comment when prompted to do so and stated how he dislikes unsolicited VOC requests. In a way, this is VOC at its best! Ok, maybe Brian was kinder than other people because he knows me, but he took 10 seconds to tell me! :)

Lessons learned

Here's what I've done & learned over the last few months:
  1. Cool new tool! It started as an experiment with 100% sampling everywhere: new tool, must be cool, I will know a lot more about my visitors!
  2. Too much! I turned it off everywhere except 10% on the home page... I was getting too many feedback saying they just came to the site or just installed WASP, so they didn't have any feedback yet!
  3. Calm down! Tonight I just turned it off completely. So now people who really wants to comment can do it with the non-intrusive Kampyle button floating at the bottom-right. I will see how it affects the number of respondents and might readjust for some pages.
  4. Enhance and target! Kampyle allows to create specific surveys for specific areas of your site. The most obvious example is someone leaving the shopping cart: you wouldn't ask the same questions as other places on the site. I still have that task on my list...


That being said, I'm becoming an advocate of Kampyle and I'm chatting with one of founder, Eran Savir regularly. The startup field, especially when it comes to web analytics, is pretty small! And Kampyle is eating their own dog food: based on user feedback, they have significantly enhanced the Inbox screen to make it easier and more friendly and they made it easy to integrate Kampyle specific page feedback within Google Analytics reports.

I find Kampyle to be a very good choice, being easier/friendlier than creating surveys and providing more in depth and bi-directional communication opportunities than iPerceptions's 4Q. Although 4Q is also very interesting to understand intent and task completion/satisfaction.