Friday, August 29, 2008

Web Analytics Wednesday: Montréal, September 22nd, sponsored by Xiti

A special "back to school" Web Analytics Wednesday! sponsored by Xiti.

When: Monday, September 22nd, starting at 5:00pm
Location: the new cool place in Old Montréal, Le Local
Where: 700 William, Montréal, H3C 1P1, 514-397-7737
RSVP: >>> RSVP through WebAnalyticsDemystified service <<<
Sponsor: Xiti

AT Internet is an independent and trustworthy company that enables an integral analysis of websites, intranet and mobile sites. It has provided real time, Online Intelligence solutions since 1995.

The web analytics leader in France, AT Internet has launched its North American office right here in Montréal!
So, come and join us for aperitif as we sponsor our first Web Analytics Wednesdays event.

Our goal is to present a demo of something different in a relaxed, non-sales pitch type atmosphere.
Interested in checking us out? Please do and sign up today!