Monday, August 4, 2008

WAA board election

A couple of weeks ago, the world famous Avinash Kaushik decided to step down from his Web Analytics Association position. It's understandable, the guy is doing so much I sometimes wonder if he have an army secretly working for him behind the scene!

The WAA wanted to get a new board member who would be representative of the vendors side. The nominies are all very interesting:
Overtime, I had discussions with most of those people. Sometimes just trough emails or phone calls, other times meeting over a beer at the famous eMetrics lobby bar.

Dennis Mortensen is well known for having brought IndexTools to Yahoo!, but he has been highly involved in the community for several years. He can bring an European voice to the WAA although he is now living in the States.

Matthew Langie, being with Omniture, would bring a voice from the heavy weight in the market. If we want to get a "voice of the vendor" on the board, he would be a good candidate!

I recently spent some time speaking with Nicolas Babin, Executive Vice President International for AT Internet, the XiTi publisher. XiTi has a strong presence in Europe and Nicolas’ experience would also be an interesting voice.

But we also have Coremetrics, Unica, Optimost. Hard choice!

If you haven't done it yet... vote now!