Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An immersion in analytics

From time to time, I catch up with my friend Joseph Carrabis to chat about strange topics. Take last week, our "topic du jour" was about company tag lines. Simple topic, interesting outcome!

Web analytics is easy to do badly

I was thinking of changing immeria's current tagline from "an immersion in analytics" to something else, something more representative of my goal "to make web analytics easier by fostering education, processes and tools".

Interestingly, while reading "Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining" from Daniel Larose I stumbled on a nice quote readily applicable to our field:
Just as with any new information technology, (data mining) web analytics is easy to do badly.

A mentra for immeria

Guy Kawasaki's book "The Art Of The Start" covers "mentras" in the first chapter. My thought process went from immeria = "an immersion in analytics", to "making web analytics easier" and then, simplified even more, just "easier analytics". Joseph and I reflected on taglines for other companies in the web analytics and marketing space. I felt "easier analytics" would be quite good, simple and to the point. And I must admit it would be a pun to those who say web analytics is hard... :)

Alliteration and syllabation: here comes M.Carrabis!

To which Joseph argued, with his never resting scientific mindset, that my current tagline is better because "alliteration combined with increasing syllabation causes things to go into memory quickly, stay there for a long time and be easily recalled when necessary".

He continued: "an immersion in analytics works as a mnemonic device because it has a driving syllabic rhythm (1-3-1-4) and because the alliterative elements are echoed (an ... ANalytics), ( The sense given from this tagline is that we're going to go into something to learn how to deal with it on the outside. Very good and probably the way you think of things, knowing you somewhat."

Joseph, you are amazing! (and I will stick to "an immersion in analytics").