Friday, July 18, 2008

WASP v0.53: crawler & reporting bug fixes

It's been about two weeks since the last update. This time the changes are mostly around the crawling & reporting.

Bug fixes

  • Report output: Fixed failure when no parameter title was found or when the parameter was of the form (WebTrends)
  • Item select: clicking on a specific item in the sidebar tree was not always updating the details at the bottom.


  • Mobile analytics: I'm starting to add detection of mobile tags. If you use Firefox to visit the mobile version of a site, it will detect the mobile tags (only Bango for now).
  • Post-processing: The last step of the crawling process includes some post-processing of the data. I added a progress indicator so you know it's doing something.

I'm working on...

  • Enhanced UI: Switching from the complex and constraining (but native to Firefox) XML User Interface Language (XUL) to the more powerful and portable Yahoo! UI library
  • Analyst view: providing a non-technical view of the tags logically grouped into "Page information", "Campaigns", "Events", "eCommerce", etc.
  • Crawler performance: tweaks & enhancements to speed up the crawler, including the use of the lite weight SQLite database to store the state of the crawl and be able to continue a stopped crawl.
  • Reporting tool: add easy filtering of data and default views, including a dashboard view for quality assurance
  • Poweful sitemap generator: generate a Google compatible sitemap.xml file with automated optimization of the parameters
  • Licensing and ecommerce: preparation toward the v1.0 commercial release

Getting it or upgrading

Two ways to upgrade or get WASP:
  1. Get it NOW! Easiest/Recommended: Visit and click on the "Add to Firefox" green button.
  2. Wait some a long time...: If you already have WASP installed, Firefox will eventually trigger an automatic update and prompt you to confirm. But... is getting an amazingly long time to approve extensions...


You like WASP? You want the new features to come out faster?

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