Friday, July 4, 2008

WASP v0.50: Launched on a 4th of July

Another step toward the Web Analytics Solution Profiler/Debugger (WASP for short!) v1.0 milestone. This interim version includes some great enhancements!

  • Did you know support teams, implementation specialists and trainers working for the web analytics market leaders are using WASP? Vendors: read on for specific details on how to get involved!
  • Top consulting agencies from all around the world are also using WASP! Agencies: I'm looking for case studies, contact me to get involved!

In the coming days I will provide short feature/training videos explaining how to get the most of WASP.

Enhancements, new and fixed

  • Multi-tool tabs: some people complained the sidebar was becoming un-usable when multiple tools were found on a single page. Now the sidebar shows a two-level tabbing interface, the first one being the tool category, the second the specific tool. Check out Avinash Kaushik blog to see it in action, I think he has the most tools I have ever seen on a site!

  • Site crawling: the crawling feature, introduced in the previous release, now use a sophisticated wizard that makes it easy to crawl from any web page, a sitemap or use a list of URLs from a file. You can set the crawl depth and max pages, follow robots exclusion rules and even include/exclude specific pages. A status bar shows progress and you can pause/resume the crawling process. Important: the crawling is limited to 100 pages in this version.
  • Self-disclosure when crawling: WASP will report itself by modifying the user-agent string. WASP also makes it easy to exclude crawling trafic by showing the exact IP address being used.

  • Reporting: the CSV output has been improved and there is now a slick web-based reporting interface. The tags are now broken down by columns, making it very easy to spot pages with missing tags or invalid ones.
  • Save your sitemap! Once a site crawl is completed, you can save to a file compatible with the sitemap.xml standard.
  • Multivariate testing highlighter: if the sidebar is shown and a multivariate tool is found, the area will be highlighted with the distinctive WASP yellow & brown border!
  • Support: I'm relying on the great "Get Satisfaction" community-based support platform. So if you have ideas, feature requests, problems or find bugs (yep! there are some), visit
  • New tools: Now detects 112 web analytics, voice of customer, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and other tags (beacon).
  • Of course, WASP is compatible with Firefox 3

Getting it or upgrading

Three easy ways to upgrade or get WASP:

  1. Get it NOW! Easiest: Visit and click on the "Add to Firefox" green button
  2. Upgrade: If you already have WASP, do "Tools/Add-ons" from the Firefox menu, then click on the "Find Updates" button. But be aware the version on the official Mozilla website is often updated several days later than what's on my official site.
  3. Wait some time...: If you already have WASP installed, Firefox will eventually trigger an automatic update and prompt you to confirm.

Coming up next

Here's some of what remain to be done for the full v1.0 release:

  • Provide a more "analyst friendly" mode
  • Improve the reporting feature
  • Higher limits for crawling and a "stealth" mode to avoid increasing ads impressions and web analytics page views
  • Specific implementation diagnostic for select vendors
  • Give the option to open WASP in a pop-up window or a bottom-bar
  • Option to enable/disable specific tools
  • Online purchase and licensing

Now is time to contribute!

There will always be a free, basic version of WASP available... however:

Any contribution received before the official release of v1.0 will be applied as a discount of 200% of the contribution amount.

That is, give 125$ now and get a $250 discount toward the licensing of WASP v1.0!

>>> Contribute now!

Licensing details

The more advanced features will be based on an annual license:

EditionCostMax pages/report

The "Corporate Edition", specifically suited for vendors, agencies and market/financial analysts will include unlimited users, the "Market Research" function and other exclusive features. Please contact me for additional details.

Vendors, get involved!

WASP is the most sophisticated web analytics tag debugger available on the market. Period.

If you are a vendor, you can make it even easier for your customers by becoming a WASP partner/sponsor. In the future, WASP will offer more specific features such as implementation diagnostic, best practices audit and enhanced reporting, for participating vendors.