Monday, July 14, 2008

WASP: call for developers & designers

You like WASP? You have some extra time or want to earn some side money? Read on!


Hire The BestI will gradually sub-contract some work through the Elance service. I will post small bits & pieces of job that can be done easily as small projects ranging from junior developers to more advanced concepts using JavaScript and DHTML, Yahoo! UI Toolkit, XML, PHP programming, user interface design, branding and even copywriting.

Job #1: License check

The first item is a bit of a trial of the Elance service. Your mission, if you accept it, is to develop a client-side component in JavaScript that will call a web service developed in PHP. Given two values, you will look into a mySQL database for the corresponding match, check a few details and return the available feature set for this license. Get more info on Elance.

Job #2: Logo design & branding

The second item is the design of a corporate logos for immeria and WASP, along with proposed color palette, font style and general web page layout. The WASP logo is a bit tricky as it needs to scale from a normal web page logo down to 64x64 icon and 16x16 status bar active/inactive indicator. Get more on Elance.

Copyrights and more

Contrary to what some people believe, WASP is not open source and is not public domain. The fact that it is being distributed as an addon to an open source browser, namely Firefox, as nothing to do with the licensing model of WASP itself. It is a copyrighted material and the user agreement explicitly state the code can not be reverse engineered, altered, resold or otherwise modified.

That being said, the sub-contracted work will not be on the core component of WASP (the generic detection algorithm) so although some people have offered help in this area and it's appreciated, this won't happen.