Friday, July 4, 2008

The reward of tutoring for UBC's Web Analytics Award of Achievement

Take this as self-promotion or inflated ego, I though I would share some comments I received for the various UBC Web Analytics Award of Achievement classes I'm tutoring.

It basically took me 20 years of experience to strike a balance between my three main interests:
  • Teaching, coaching, speaking: helping out others through the UBC classes, speaking at various conferences, doing Web Analytics Wednesdays, etc.
  • Consulting: bringing valuable and recognized expertise to companies and agencies when it's needed
  • Research and Development: the fun of creating and solving challenging problems, mainly through WASP

Comments from students

Of course not all comments are THAT positive, those who know me well will understand that they represent a lot to me.

  • Very involved and clearly "living" his subject.
  • Excellent Tutor. Smart, insightful, very responsive!
  • Stephane was my tutor during my first course with UBC-WA, knowing someone prior helps. And it did. I should repeat in this course too... He is a great guy. And an amazing teacher too
  • Stephan is a very engaging, friendly and helpful instructor. I found the content very interesting and pertinent to what I am doing at work.
  • The tutor. Stephane Hamel was great!
  • Yes he was the best so far of all my classes he added a lot of value to the message board with discussion topics beyond the class work.
  • This way the best course so far of all 3 classes I have taken. Both in content and in tutor.
  • This instructor was the best I've had so far. He didn't just do the minimum. He continually tried to have discussion topics available and continually encouraged students to join them.
I'm passionate about web analytics, online business optimization and I love tutoring. So far I have tutored the first two classes, Introduction to Web Analytics and Web Analytics for Site Optimization. This fall I will add Measuring Marketing Campaigns Online and if I can tutor Creating and Managing the Analytical Business Culture I might become the first tutor to have made all four classes!