Thursday, June 12, 2008

Montreal-based Emovendo named Google Website Optimizer Technology Partner

Google announced today the Google Website Optimizer Technology Partner Program and Montreal based Emovendo is among the first six companies to be part of that new program.

The key element is to "make it easier by offering specific documentation and technical support. They can also automate the process of adding Website Optimizer tags, so you can launch experiments faster than ever, with fewer dependencies on your IT team."

Emovendo's PageVester is a very intuitive landing page generator that integrates with SalesForce. Create an efficiently designed landing page, publish and manage your campaign, then collect the results directly into SalesForce as new leads. I know this will please a lot of marketers: create profesionally designed landing pages without any IT intervention.

As a Website Optimizer partner, PageVester's point and click interface alreadt allows easy integration of Google Analytics, AdWords campaign management and now makes it very easy to apply multivariate testing to those landing pages.