Friday, May 23, 2008

[WASP] v0.45 released & important change

IMPORTANT: You need to re-install WASP from

Important change!

WASP will now be distributed from the official WASP website rather than It was taking too long to get approved and since I want to accelerate the development cycle, it will be much simpler to distribute directly from my site.

Bug fixes

  • Latest Google Analytics ga.js code
  • Fixed a problem with the "File Open" domain limitation
  • Minor cosmetic enhancement
  • Improved the crawling feature (it was actually running too fast! I had to slow it down!)
  • Couple of new tools detected (see the full list of tools detected by WASP)
  • Check the complete list of current and upcoming features


Some facts about WASP:
  • Now detects 101 different tools
  • The active user base is now close to 8,000 practitioners, consultants, web analysts and implementation specialists
  • 750,000 websites and 27,000,000 pages analyzed since January 1st
  • In a pilot run, WASP was used to scan a large web site of over 25,000 pages
  • WASP was used for a market research of 3,000 websites

Getting it or upgrading

Two ways to upgrade or get WASP:
  1. New users: Visit and click on the "Add to Firefox" green button
  2. Upgrade: If you already have WASP, YOU NEED TO REINSTALL from