Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kampyle: combining VOC and Support

From time to time I test new services. One such service is called Kampyle "feedback analytics service" and I've put it to the test on WebAnalyticsSolutionProfiler.com to get feedback about the site and the tool.

Similar but different

Kampyle is somewhat similar to other Voice Of Customer services such as iPerceptions or ForeseeResults: you include a snippet of code on your page and set the ratio of visitors that should get surveyed. Pretty simple.

The survey fires when the user moves the mouse out of the window space (and makes sure you don't get bugged down with it every time) and simply ask for a rating of the site and optional details. That's where it starts to be different.

It's a conversation

Kampyle move away from other VOC services at this point. The additional categorized feedback (Bug report, compliment, suggestion, etc.) really helps learn more about the reason for a positive or negative feedback. And it works pretty well!

Another incentive to get feedback is a little triangular icon shown at the bottom of web pages, simply stating "feedback us". This way, you don't only get the survey invite, you can willingly provide your feedback whenever you want. Of course, you can look at feedback globally or for specific pages on your site.

Out of the 40 feedback I got in about two weeks, about half of them includes more details that I could really act on (typos on the site, feature requests, bugs, etc.).


The management interface is nice and efficient. Grouped under Feedback Analytics, User Analytics and Feedback Inbox, the interface shows relevant stats and appropriate graphs.

  • Feedback Analytics works fine, is very simple and logical (shown above)
  • User Analytics is a bit less obvious. The goal is to get people to register to Kampyle and provide some demographics (gender, age, location, etc.). From a site owner perspective, this would be great information, but from a user perspective it's not obvious to me that people would be willing to provide such detailed information just to provide feedback. As I tell my students: always make sure to serve the primary purpose. In this case: get their feedback.
  • The Feedback Inbox is where you get a categorized view of the incoming feedback, similar to a mail inbox. The top pane shows comments grouped by type and ranking (think of tags) and the bottom pane shows the matching comments. Where I get confused is the handling of the feedback status and how the "Publish completed" works at the top level. I would expect to "reply" to a specific comment rather than "publish" a whole category (but maybe I'm missing something). Still, the fact you can get back to your client (given they left their email address, of course) is very interesting.

My take

Of course, Kampyle "eat their own dog food" and use Kampyle to get feedback about Kampyle beta... The service is very interesting and looks promising. The User Analytics doesn't look very obvious to me but could be valuable, we also have some good technographics (browser, OS, IP location) in the Inbox. I need to get a better handle on the way this Inbox works but this is really where Kampyle differentiate itself from other solutions. Kampyle's traditional Voice Of Customer surveying and similarities to a Trouble Ticket support system makes it very interesting.