Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web analytics bloggers: what's you WA-pon?

While preparing for my WASP presentation at the upcoming eMetrics Industry Insight I did a bunch of analysis for various vertical and regions.

Now that MeasureMap is going to be available right off Blogger, I thought it would be cool to look at what web analytics bloggers are using. Microsoft would call it "eat your own dog food". No surprise, Google Analytics dominates, but WASP goes way beyond this simple fact. Read on...

Tools by Type

  • 85% of the web analytics blogs are using at least one tool, and most of us are using more than one (63%)! But what are the 15% others doing?
  • The 25% of those using Panel-based tools, mostly Quantcast, might explain it...
  • 5% of us are using a survey tool, in this case it's 4Q by iPerceptions
  • At least one site is using a mapping tool (CrazyEgg)
  • Nobody is using behavioral targeting or a testing tool on the home page of their blog.

Tools by vendor

Really no surprise here...
  • Google dominates with 80% (regardless if it's the old or newer GA code, Ad Sense, DoubleClick, etc.)
  • Note this level of analysis is for Companies. So the vendor Omniture includes the following tools: SiteCatalyst, HBX, VisualScience and Test & Target.

Web analytics tools, and others...

  • 53% of web analytics bloggers are still using the older Google Analytics code... what are you waiting for?
  • Seems like Microsoft Ad Center Analytics, aka Gatineau (20%) and IndexTools (15%) are getting good traction among web analytics bloggers.
  • Some strange ones... we guess Omniture SiteCatalyst is used on the Omniture blog...
  • DoubleClick is used on 2% and AdSense on 12% of the web analytics blogs

What can we learn for WASPs

This is the kind of insight I can provide from a special version of WASP I'm using internally. Of course, the larger the sample, the more accurate it is. So far, I've done analysis for verticals such as Insurance and Automotive, regions like Canada, US, UK, and the Nordics. I can also tap on the growing database of data that now encompass 400,000 web sites.

Here's the synopsis from my presentation at eMetrics Industry Insight:
Stéphane created WASP, the Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a free Firefox extension aimed at web analytics implementation specialists and web analysts. WASP validates proper tagging and reveals whether web analytics solutions are properly implemented. On the back end, Stéphane has a bird's-eye view of the marketplace. Which tools are used by which industries? Which sectors are having trouble with implementation and which are getting it right? What are the industry trends?
On Sunday, before the official eMetrics conference, industry's leading vendors, consultants and practitioners will spend the day scrutinizing the latest data and insights. This is going to be fun!