Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[WASP] v0.44: site crawl & report now available

A major milestone toward WASP v1.0. This interim version includes minor fixes and enhancement and a couple of long awaited major features.

Major enhancements

  • Site crawling: you can now ask WASP to recursively crawl a site and get back the tags. In this version it is limited to 100 pages.
  • Open file: got a list of URL's to check? Create a file with one URL per line and let WASP crawl it for you. This feature is limited in this version.
  • Reporting: at any moment you can get a CSV-compatible report containing the HTTP status of the request, the domain, tool type, tool name, page URL and title and lastly, the complete tag.

New & improved

Here's whats new and enhanced in v0.44:
  • Fixed: Sidebar refresh after page load (that bug was really annoying and got people complaining WASP was not working!)
  • Improved: Better detection of some tools like Omniture SiteCatalyst
  • Improved: Includes/enhanced short help for SiteCatalyst, HBX and Google Analytics
  • Improved: Detects a bunch of new tools, see the full list
  • Improved: Compatible with the upcoming Firefox v3.0
  • Improved: Algorithm for detection further improved
  • New: Since WASP detects analytics, surveys, behavioral targeting, a/b & multivariate tools and others, it now shows the type of tool being detected.
  • New: People-powered, collaborative support forum using Get Satisfaction
  • Improved: Revamped the WASP web site to focus more on the three main use: implementation, analysis, market research.

Getting it or upgrading

Three easy ways to upgrade or get WASP:
  1. New users: Visit and click on the "Add to Firefox" green button
  2. Upgrade: If you already have WASP, the easiest way to upgrade is simply to do "Tools/Add-ons" from the Firefox menu, then click on the "Find Updates" button.
  3. Wait: Alternatively, if you already have WASP installed, Firefox will eventually trigger an automatic update and prompt you to confirm.

Coming up next

This is likely the last release before the official WASP v1.0. What remain to be done is:
  • Provide a more "analyst friendly" mode*
  • Improve the reporting feature*
  • Higher limits for crawling*
  • Implementation diagnostic for Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics*
  • Give the option to open WASP in a pop-up window or a bottom-bar
  • Option to enable/disable specific tools*
  • Licensing model
*Those features are not definitive but very likely. They will be available only in the advanced version.

Now is time to contribute!

There will always be a free, basic version of WASP available.

The more advanced features will be based on an annual license of about 250$ per user (exact pricing to be confirmed). Any contribution received before the official release of v1.0 will be applied as a discount of 200% of the contribution amount.

That is, give 125$ now and get a $250 discount toward the licensing of WASP v1.0!

And by the way, if you like it (or maybe not!), I'm looking for some ratings and reviews on the official Mozilla Addons site