Friday, April 4, 2008

T'was eMetrics (Toronto) time...

Time is flying by! eMetrics Toronto is already over! The 200 or so attendees were split among newcomers in the field, experienced people and vendors & speakers who were like a bunch of old school friends hanging out together. From what I could glean from the attendees, it was a great success: plenty of learning, networking, thinking.

I had an initial objective of posting everyday... things went way to fast. But allow me to point to some posts from others who were more diligent then I was:

Who said things happen at the bar?

Jim Sterne said it before: the conference continues long after the official sessions are over. I landed in Toronto on Sunday night and I hesitated to get dinner in my room and work at the same time or go to the hotel bar and relax a bit and get a small snack. I'm glad I did the later! We ended a bunch having dinner, chit chatting and having fun. At one point, the conversation turned to my work on WASP and the market research I'm doing, getting Jim Sterne to say "that would be an interesting subject to present at eMetrics San Francisco". A few hours later it was all set: I will be presenting my market research results at the eMetrics Industry Insight on May 4th, alongside Nielsen, JupiterResearch, Hitwise, Comscore and the like.