Thursday, February 7, 2008

WASSUP? Four elements of a succesful web analytics program

When we ask "WASSUP?" we're seeking a fair and honest answer, but what we often get is the default "yeah, fine". When it comes to web analytics, we also ask how it's going, and we want the right answer!

Here's the presentation I gave yesterday morning during our WAA/eMetrics Breakfast.

If you have trouble viewing the presentation, use this link instead. I'm experimenting with VoiceThread, an amazing way to communicate and get involved into a conversation, so I'm looking for your feedback! Click on the "record" or "type" to add your comments directly into the presentation!


  • Web
  • Analytics
  • Strategy: Trinity, the classic from Avinash Kaushik about Behavior, Outcomes and Experience
  • Strategy: Multiplicity: also from Avinash; using multiple tools and sources of information to come up with better insights
  • Ultimate Team: multidisciplinary and empowered teamwork from the Business/Marketing, IT and Analysis sides
  • Process: Systematic, with SMART objectives, Continuous and considering an ever changing environment
  • ! Obvious? Easy! We're just having trouble putting it into action.