Monday, February 11, 2008

[WASP] minor bug fixes - v0.32

I decided to do another quick release of WASP to fix minor issues.

Getting it or upgrading

Three easy ways to upgrade or get WASP:
  1. Visit and click on the large "Download" button
  2. If you already have WASP, the easiest way to upgrade is simply to do "Tools/Add-ons" from the Firefox menu, then click on the "Find Updates" button.
  3. Alternatively, if you already have WASP installed, Firefox will eventually trigger an automatic update and prompt you to confirm.

New & improved

Here's whats new and enhanced in v0.32:
  • Improved: There's one major change in this release: WASP now looks at the HTTP GET rather than the RESPONSE. A bit technical, but what this means is a slightly better detection. I was also able to further optimize then detection algorithm.
  • Improved: WASP was already handling Google Analytics (GA code) and Google Analytics (Urchin code) and now offer better handling of Google Website Optimizer.
  • Improved: For Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics, there's now a quick-help that shows when you click on one item from the tree.
  • New: Now detects 77 solutions including WysiStat, TNS Metrix, ProspectXtractor, m-pathy.

What's next?

Following my call for "angel advisers" and a "user group" I got amazing feedback. On the advisers side, I'm very thankful to great minds of the web analytics industry who took some of their precious time on the phone or through email. People like Bryan Eisenberg, Avinash Kaushik, Joseph Carrabis, John Hossack from VKI Studios and Brian Clifton. I was in "listening" mode, gathering recommendations and advices to better orient WASP from a business perspective. The next step will be to reach out to the user base and set the list of features and prioritize them for a v1.0 of WASP.