Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hey! Thanks Joseph!

Sometimes we say "thank you" as a form of social best practice, a bit automated and cold. Sometimes we say "thank you" from our heart, a real and sincere "thank you" for making us feel the warmth of being listened to, for the pleasure of sharing and spending time that makes us better persons in our professional and personal lives.

Thank you Joseph!

Honestly, that's what I felt this week end when my friend Joseph Carrabis and his CEO wife Susan came visit us in Quebec city. How in the world can people from different countries, different background and (sorry Joseph!) different ages get along so well? I don't know, but it just happen to be. My wife is a bit shy, but at first glance, she knew Joseph and Susan would be friendly and "compatible". It's a strange feeling, why do we meet people and we instantly know "it doesn't fit", and others we know we'll have great time with? Of course we talked about web analytics and the upcoming eMetrics conference where we will be on a panel to discuss about cultural behavior, and he gave me great advices for WASP. But we also discussed hunting, religion, history, politics, career, etc.

According to Wikipedia, a handshake is "a short ritual in which two people grasp each other's right or left hands". The formality stops there. If you give the right hand and put your left hand on the arm or shoulder, it demonstrate respect & friendship. If two nearly 6' tall men hug each other and their wifes say "HOooo!"... priceless :)