Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you know ballet?

It's always exciting to launch a new site, even if I didn't do much to contribute as of yet! I have been enrolled as a web analytics consultant to work on the National Ballet of Canada a few weeks ago.

Analysis process

The initial steps went something like this:
  1. Listen to the business mission, goals and objectives (regardless of the web site)
  2. Determine their web analytics maturity: the who's, what and how
  3. Identified current pain points and challenges
  4. Identify key goals on the web that can translate into KPIs
  5. Established an historical baseline and at the same time, tried to identify quick wins. The tool used was VisiStat.
  6. Provided instructions for Google Analytics tagging as well as CrazyEgg for the home page
  7. Now into the post implementation quality assurance and will asses the current site vs. baseline in the upcoming days/weeks.

Site characteristics

Other than content about performances and performers, the site includes a B2C component for online ticket sales, so the conversion process is obviously a key element in measuring the success of the site. There are numerous events, dates, different seatings categories, various discounts etc. so the event and seating selection needs to be as intuitive as possible. There's even a "view from your seat" feature. The website also needs to reflect the unique mood and experience that is ballet. Unique site design, some high-res pictures and short movies bring a touch of class to the whole online experience.

Shame on me, I never went to a ballet event other than The Nutcracker... nevertheless I can appreciate the qualities of this form of Art and I will plan on attending one of the upcoming performance.