Friday, February 22, 2008

Another web analytics vendor market share study

As is often the case with startups, the initial idea leads to another better one. One of the amazing side effect of WASP, other than being the only tool able to detect over 70 vendor tags and working passively as you surf, is its ability to be used for competitive and market research analysis of web analytics vendors.

Couple weeks ago Brian Chappel reported about the top retailers, also did a study using WASP, and just a few minutes ago, VKI Studios posted a study of the top 500 retailers called "Is Google Analytics taking over the world?". Among other things, they reveal 37% of the top 500 retailers use Google Analytics and 32% use Omniture.

Meantime, WASP is maturing, bugs are being fixed and new features are being added toward the official v1.0. The long awaited site crawl is underway, as well as a more "human friendly" view of the information and some other little surprises.