Thursday, December 20, 2007

WAA & eMetrics Breakfast Series: Jim Sterne in Montreal

Those who came to the last "[WAM] Web Analytics in Montreal" were the first to hear about it: Jim Sterne will join us for breakfast in Montreal on February 6th, 7:30h-10:00h.

Jim Sterne: WAA & eMetrics

From the official WAA announcement:

"Jim Sterne will deliver insight into the current maturity of the web analytics industry sharing insight into the level of expertise among practitioners today; challenges faced; opportunities available; and the role web analytics practitioners, marketers and analysts play as companies adopt the continuous improvement method of marketing optimization and truly start listening, engaging and participating in a dialogue with customers."

If you are just slightly involved with Web Analytics or eMarketing and don't know Jim, let's just say that some people refer to him as "the father of web analytics". I met him for the first time at Internet World around 1996 and he was already speaking about eMarketing and measuring success. An amazing speaker, and THE industry thought leader.

Jonathan Levitt: iPerceptions

Following Jim, Jonathan Levitt of iPerceptions will showcase how the iPerceptions attitudinal analytic solutions captures and measures the perceptions and attitudes of actual web site visitors' online experience, allowing to predict the key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty; track trends; respond immediately and take action. iPerception has offices in New York and Montreal.

Stephane Hamel: immeria

The final case study will be presented by your own city host (yes, that's me). I will piggy back on Jim's presentation to present the realities facing our local market: our "distinctive" cultural environment, the scarcity of resources, and the scale factor of our web initiatives.

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