Friday, November 9, 2007

WASP 0.29 released!

What is WASP?

By now, most people in the Web Analytics sphere have heard about WASP. WASP is the free Web Analytics Solution Profiler, a Firefox extension aimed at web analytics implementation specialists, web analysts and savvy web surfers who wants to understand how their behavior is being analyzed.

By automatically detecting the tags on a page and displaying detailed information about the data being sent, WASP can significantly ease the tagging process and increase the quality of a web analytics implementation.

What's new?

It took a while to get this version out the door, but the folks at Mozilla are doing a great job ensuring Firefox extensions abide to quality standards and good practices! Some noticeable changes are:
  • Now detects 55 solutions!
  • WASP icon shown on the status bar
  • Enable/disable WASP from the status bar
  • Fixed most problems related to tab browsing
  • Even more optimization
  • WASP uses web analytics too! WASP has been instrumented to collect anonymous usage information. This will allow me to improve WASP and eventually provide market data. Of course, this feature can be turned off from the Options dialog.
Visit for full details or see the complete revision history and the FAQ.

Your feedback is important!

I've received a lot of feedback from the community and this helped shape this release of WASP, determine what should be improved and developed in the future. Your positive input is always appreciated, but constructive critics are also accepted!

Please take a few seconds to fill out my two quick polls:
  1. If a special edition of WASP had a price tag, which packaging would be most effective for you? Take this poll
  2. Which features would you like to see added to WASP? Take this poll
Make a donationIf you are inclined to do so - or if you use WASP for professional purposes - a donation would be appreciated!