Friday, October 19, 2007

WAM & Omniture Training in Montreal: outcomes

WAM - Web Analytics in Montreal

Our monthly web analytics get together had to move to a new venue at the last minute because there was not enough room at our initial location. That's a good indication of the growing importance of web analytics, but also a red flag for me that organizing web analytics 5-7 is getting more difficult and time consuming.

The crowd of about 35 people chatted for a while and from the discussions I grasped, the networking seemed to be good. Then we took a few minutes to hear Matt Kohl, manager of Omniture Support, talk about a couple of ways to ease web analytics adoption and improve problem resolution.

Omniture Regional Training

There's nothing like a good training session to make you realize there's so much to learn, so much to do, and so many opportunities for improvement!

Day 2 and 3 of our training session was another steady round of tips & tricks. Even when you think you know the concepts and the product, there's a bunch of insights that are really worth taking time away from work.

If you are an Omniture user, beg your boss, make a plea for the relief of your (web analytics) soul and attend the Basic and Advanced User training sessions. But don't be fooled by the word "Basic", it's not a Web Analytics 101 course! A good advice is to use the tool for a while before attending training, this way you'll get the most out of it and the learning experience will be even more rewarding.